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Fire Pits!
   Here at M&M Manufacturing Co. Inc. we have designed the next generation of Fire Pits. Our
innovative design features a deep well that keeps the fire inside the pit. A cool outer shell for
added safety around kids and pets. A unique removable grate so you can empty out the old
ashes without having to carry and tip over the whole unit. And perhaps the most important
feature is the fresh air design that helps light the fire faster and keeps it burning longer.
 These fire pits are perfect for camp-grounds, resorts, fishing, parks and recreation areas, and
even your own back yard. We offer two standard sizes but can custom build a fire pit to your

 Keep checking back because we are designing several additional options for these units.

Contact us for information on how to get one of these fire pits
in your backyard, park, or camp-ground!!
Steel Type